The Importance of Dream Interpretation

Dr Nicholas Jenner

Nightmares can be terrifying. But if we pay attention, they can give us an insight into what’s really bothering us. Does this sound familiar? You wake bathed in sweat with your heart pounding. The dream you were having was vivid and terrifying. You were being chased down a dark alley by a knife-wielding assailant. Or maybe you witnessed the death of a loved one. You might even have been the perpetrator. We all have nightmares occasionally and wonder at their meaning. But do they have any real significance? Or are they just a confused jumble of images?

A nightmare is a vivid and unpleasant dream that usually wakes the dreamer. It is accompanied by disturbing emotions like guilt, sadness, or more often, fear and anxiety. It’s normal for children to have nightmares and about 90 per cent of adults will experience a nightmare at some point in their lives. Only…

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