Depression : Changing for the Better : Recognising our thinking traps: Part 1

So true.

Dr Nicholas Jenner

When we allow our thinking patterns to turn into a “vicious circle”, we often feel there is no escape, no matter how hard we try.  Traps are exactly that, thinking and behavior that are ingrained and seemingly impossible to shift. When we are in this cycle of thinking, it can define our life, our relationships and fuel depression.

The “pleasing others ” trap

When we often fear being judged harshly or feel uncertain of ourselves or self-worth, we tend to be unable to express ourselves and move towards the beliefs and desires of other people. Others dictate what we do and we go out of our way to please people, do what they want and thinking what they think. The idea behind this is “If I do what they want, I will be loved, will be ok”. What tends to happen is that over a period of time, we get taken advantage…

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