Journey Forward

Sometimes I get discouraged.  Can we really change our thoughts, attitudes and actions?  This business of changing, growing, being the best we can be is hard work!  I can’t sit in autopilot, just operating the way I always have and expect myself to be healthier.  I know this is true when it comes to physical health.  I have to get up a little earlier to fit in a walk before I head out the door, which means I have to think about it the night before when I set my alarm.  I actually need to get up when the alarm goes off.  I have to tell myself, “Karen, if you don’t get up you are not going to have time to walk.  If you don’t walk, your muscles will begin to atrophy (which they do a lot faster at 47 than they did when I was 30).  Your back and…

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Grabbing Ahold of Your Emotional Steering Wheel

Journey Forward

You wake up to a new day. You get in your car and find yourself yelling at the loser in front of you. The one you don’t believe should even have a driver’s license. You get to work and all those stupid people who didn’t do their job are making your day a living hell. You go get some lunch only to find the deli crowded. Why don’t they hire enough people so you don’t have to wait? They clearly have no idea how to operate efficient food service. Eventually you get home and find your dip-stick of a dog didn’t bother to wait for you to get home and, intent on getting your night off to a horrible start, has unloaded her bowels on your prized Persian rug. Do you hear a theme? This hypothetical “you” sees the events of the day as “out to get her”. Each circumstance…

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I found out yesterday that my uncle passed away from a self-inflicted shot gun wound. He left a note for my aunt telling her he loved her and begging for forgiveness, but said he’d felt he was out of options. I hadn’t seen him in years. I wish I’d gotten a chance to talk to him.

For the love of god, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE… If you’re in that much pain reach out to someone, or just bail on your life and change everything.

I could harp about the pain you’ll inflict on the people your life, even just the person who finds you if you don’t have any one close to you, or I could list a lot of reasons why life is great and worth living, but I figure those angles have been done to death. (Oh god, completely unintentional and inappropriate pun. I think my uncle would have…

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The Art of Goodbyes

Journey Forward

Goodbyes can be tricky. So much so that some people avoid them entirely. I believe there is an art to saying goodbye. It involves understanding what you are genuinely feeling, speaking your emotion to the person and being ok with any awkwardness that might be present.

I said goodbye to our exchange student yesterday. He spent the last 10 months living with us, learning about American culture, attending high school, teaching us about his life in Norway, and finding his way into our hearts. It wasn’t always easy. We experienced the ups and downs of real relationships. We had arguments, there were tears, frustration, irritation, laughter, understanding and love. When it came time to send him home, I felt a heavy sadness in my heart and I cried.

When we spend significant time with another person it is natural to feel sadness when we part ways. Out of my sadness…

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