I suck at depression


I will always be there for you


True story:

BFF: So how are you?

Me: Great!

BFF: I can tell that you are not well and I am deeply offended that you would keep stuff hidden from me.

Me: *rather moved, I pour out my heart, and my spleen, and a tiny bit of my liver too, for good measure, since it is supposed to regenerate itself anyway*

(now former) BFF: You are trying to drag me down! Don’t call me ever again.

I read everywhere that as a depressed person you should not isolate yourself, and you should talk to your friends, and stuff.

Great! I am all for meeting people! If it was for me, indeed, I would fill every single hour of my life with people! I, who used to be a bit of an introvert! I want the distraction! I want the excuse to dress up pretty, wash my hair, do…

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